kristina pinto (19) low resAs much as I’m a coach and teacher, I’m also a lifelong student. My fairly eclectic education consists of years studying dance, literature, philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, Buddhism, yoga, statistics, exercise science—and of course, running.   In 2005, I received a doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where I specialized in adult development and education.  I’m also a mother, and I know very well the balance we must strike between many responsibilities and our commitment to sport. I bring aspects of all these domains to my running and coaching.

I began running as an adult, like many of my runners, just wanting to stay in shape with an efficient and inexpensive form of fitness. I started at shorter distances, and 12 years later, I consider myself a dedicated marathoner. I benefited from some great coaching and fell in love with the sport through my incremental improvements—that was the recipe for finding my life’s passion. My running took off when I needed an outlet for relieving the stress of having a baby while finishing graduate school.

6911759746_589d6e2aba_oToday I am an RRCA-certified running coach and have worked with many runners in group and individual training.  As an outgrowth from my training and coaching, I have written extensively on health, fitness, and family for publications such as Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Athleta Chi, and many academic journals. I’m also currently a featured blogger for the Competitor Group at Marathon Mama, which has gained a national following.

My own competitive running spans the 5k to marathon distances, with many age-group awarded finishes. I’ve run 7 marathons and am always looking for new running challenges and adventures, ultramarathons, the Inca Trail, victory in a 24-hour relay, you name it!

I live in Westford, Massachusetts, where I prep for marathons on quiet country roads and chase my 6-year-old son for cross-training.