I’ve been an athlete working in adult education as a college instructor and coach for the past 12 years. My individualized approach focuses on helping athletes continue to grow toward their own personal goals in the way that best suits their personalities and learning styles. I pay close attention to the most practical values and interests of my runners: speed, distance, and getting the most out of running.

With both high support and high challenge, I help people step outside their comfort zones, find personal fulfillment from challenging themselves, and exceed their own expectations. In the process, I educate them on exercise science, sports psychology, and the nuts and bolts of good training.  I want runners to own their training, so I use a transparent and educational coaching model. It’s important to justify every facet of coaching, and I am happy and eager to explain and discuss any nuance of our work together.

This isn’t phys ed. It’s your purpose, your goals, and your knowledge that I hope to build.