I have found Kristina to be the best coach I have worked with yet. She has helped me to train more intelligently and improve my running. Kristina has customized my workouts for progressive improvement, and minimize injury. She is engaged and invested in my training. She regularly checks in on my progress and hosts group runs for her clients. She is there with us frequently on interval and long runs. She is also there for moral support when I hit a low. I feel fortunate to have Kristina as my coach.

—Vineet Mehta

As a new runner, the results I have achieved are largely due to Kristina’s skillful, straightforward, and encouraging coaching style. The training programs she designs for me are both challenging and individualized. As a result, I’m now able to train harder, run faster and further, and feel stronger than I ever thought I could. After just two weeks of training I was able to dramatically improve my 5K time (beat my PR by 42 seconds). There is no goal that seems impossible now. She has succeeded in instilling the belief that I can do just about anything I set my mind to.

—Miguelina Hernandez

With Kristina’s encouragement and skilled coaching, I have pushed my running to the limit and enjoyed the sport more than ever.   Kristina helps me develop impressive goals for racing at the 5k and half marathon levels, and she provides tips for running safely and economically even in my easy runs.  Amicable and witty, Kristina is always ready with advice, and her dedication to both her own training and her clients is truly inspirational.

—Laura Seddon

Working with Kristina has been extremely rewarding.  Since I began working with Kristina, I’ve been able to set several personal records including a 10 minute marathon PR.The most remarkable aspect of this achievement was that it was done while being injured.This would not have been possible without Kristina’s keen ability to address training cycle “issues” such as an injury quickly and effectively.  Kristina is well connected with the local running community which in turn has provided me with access to some of the best running and rehab facilities, trainers and specialists in the area.  Kristina is more than a running coach; she is a fellow runner and psycologist. As a result, she has been able to guide me through the emotional roller coaster of running. I would not be the runner I am today without Kristina’s friendship and guidance.

—John Dean Evans